Photo: view over Pigna

Painting Course with a Taste of Italy

in Pigna in northern Italy

19.-26.08. 2023



The nature surrounding the valley is green and enchanting with hills and lushness as far as your eyes can reach. It is placed 300 m above the sea. There are opportunities to explore the city and the beautiful nature. Have a nice swim in the river or in one of lakes made by the water coming from the mountains. Biking and guided hiking of the hills are also very popular. There are many beautiful viewpoints to get inspired by for your paintings.

The medieval town of Pigna is from year 1200. The houses are “hanging” on cliffs and organically slip into one another, it can be hard to see where one house ends and the next begins.

The old town encircles the church and the large Piazza from where you can enjoy a beautiful  view, get a drink from the bar, meet people.

Pride of the city is the church San Bernardo. It's the original chapel with wall paintings made by Giovanni Canversio in the 14th century. He also painted the altarpiece in the Church of Pigna, San Michele.

In the narrow streets you will be met with smile and warm hearts from the citizens of Pigna.

There is a special peace in the town, such a retreat-like feeling which makes the inspiration grow and unfold. We offen work outside, in and around the medieval city, where we also are accommodated and our large atelier is located.                                       


Teacher: artist Külli Suitso


We work six hours daily with the teacher on the sideline. We work outside a lot, in and around the medieval town of Pigna. We find, draw and paint motives in the town and the hinterland, an area, where many artists have found inspiration.

It is also possible to work with sketches and ideas indoors as long as you want to in our atelier.

We will learn to paint after "live" motives and use air perspective, composition and colours to express different atmospheres both outer and inner.

As inspiration to the days tasks,  paintings of different artist are discussed, including their choise of subject and techniques.

We play with different assignments for instance:

-       Open/closed landscape

-       Position of the horizon line (high-low)

-       To show details- to generalize

-       To work with the light

-       Architecture in the nature

It is important to remember, that no matter what, why and how you paint, you are first and foremost painting your own picture.

You will receive individual instruction, therefore everyone can join!

You are free to choose whether you want to participate with the assignments or concentrate creating your own pieces with the teacher on the sideline.

We end up the course by an exhibition for the residents of Pigna.

                                                                                                     Photo: exhibition from 2015, Mario and Marina


It`s an international course and we are going to meet in Nice Airport, terminal 1.

The airport is easy to reach from many countries.  You are picked up at the time according the scedule of the first day of the program.

Some time it can be difficult to get arrival- and departure-time to fit with our program. Then grab the chance and visit Nice and its artmuseums.

The participants are put up at either the to two 4-star B&B or 2 very good flats in Casapigna. Casa Rosa is placed at the big square and the church. You find Via Col Tempo in the medieval town in a quite area, the flats are to be found there too.

Via Col Tempo or

Casa Rosa or

Primo or Terzo

The flats and all the rooms in Casa Rosa have a beautiful view and most of the rooms at Via Col Tempo have a balcony. Both flats have a terrasse, Terzo has a balcony too. 

We have acces to other flats if it`s necessary.

One of them, a large appartment with two separate bedrooms, living room, kitchen- dining area and a big terrace with an amazing view. The appartment is private and is rarely rented out. It has a very authentic Italian style. Foto can be provided by the owner.

Apartment at Via Col Tempo is also a possiblity it has an amazing view too.

The ones choosing to live at an apartment must provide breakfast themselves.

Photo: View from one of the room at Via Col Tempo

Taste of Italy:          

In the spare time we visit two of the best eating places in the area. One on them, Terme, is recommended in the Michelin Guide. People come from far away to visit the local restaurants.       

You can buy the specialities of the town yourself in the small grocery stores, if you wish to cook yourself. We cook lunch and dinner ourselves if we do not want to use the local places to eat when the meals are not included. The kitchen in the B&B is allowed to be used.

There is lunch restaurant, take away, pizza restaurant, cafe and bars in the town. It is all for very fair prices.

We will eat very good local food. 

Price: 10.500 - DKK

The price includes:

Stay in double room on B&B or apartment.

Bed linen / towels and final cleaning.

Transportation to and from Nice airport.

Art course by Külli Suitso according to the program.

Pizza evening, beverages incl.

Dinner at restaurant Agriturismo Ca`de Na, beverages incl.

Dinner at restaurant Terme. Beverages incl..


Not included:

Flight tickets

Food beyond the mentioned meals.

Dinner, prepared by our italian friends, served at our place, beverages incl. (Payment 40.- €)

Single Room Supplement 1500.- DKK, the same amount if you want own apartment.


In addition:

We recommend that you buy your ticket immediately upon booking of the course. If they are ordered quickly, airline tickets can be bought cheaper.

We recommend that you purchase cancellation insurance for the plain ticket.

Registration deadline:  April 28th 2022.

Registrationfee: 2000.- DKK

Paid registrationsfee will not be refunded, if the trip is canceled by you.

The amount shall be transferred to Annette Breitenstein Nowack, Nordea Middelfart, DK.

IBANcode: DK0320003498752119                                                                                       

BIC:             NDEADKKK

A confirmation of the payment will be sent by e-mail.

The balance must be transferred to the account by  April 28th 2022.

In case of cancellation of the course, the whole amount will be refunded!

The journey is not suitable for severely disabled. Use shoes stuck to the feet.

Registration and further information about the course at:

Külli Suitso on mobile +45 21 24 75 05 or mail:

Annette Breitenstein Nowack on mobile +45 24 84 00 39 or mail:

Remember PASSPORT and health insurance card.

Remember corona pasport and to follow rules in terms of Covid 19 situation.


August 19th:


At 13-14 pm. You will be welcomed by Külli in Nice Airport Terminal 1, and you will be going by bus to Pigna, where you´ll be accommodated in flats or rooms in the B&B´s.

At 4:00pm. We meet at the fountain at Piazza Santa Croce on top of Pigna, close to the parking place. Külli will give you a tour of the town, pointing out good painting spots and giving you practical info. The tour will end in our large  atelier, where Külli will tell more about the course and Annette some practical information. 

At 7:30pm. we meet once more at the fountain and we are going to pizza-evening.


Each day we meet in our atelier at 9am, if we have no other agreements.


August 20th:

•      Education from  9:00am– 12:00am

•      Siesta from      12:00am –  3:30pm.

•      Education from  3:30am –  6:30pm, incl. a review of the day’s work.

August 21th:


•      Education from  9:00am– 12:00am

•      Siesta from      12:00am –  4:00pm.

•      Education from  4:00am –  7:00pm, incl. a review of the day’s work.

       8:00pm. We meet to a common dinner at our italians friends.

August 22th:

•      Education from  9:00am– 12:00am

•      Siesta from      12:00am –  3:30pm.

•      Education from  3:30am –  6:30pm, incl. a review of the day’s work.

August 23th:

We meed at the studio at 9:00. This day we are going to paint in neighbour village Buggio. 

Külli presaents the day`s tasks and we will drive to Buggio, Agriturismo Ca`de Na.  We paint. We will eat lunch there at 12:30. Work continues until 17:00. Then we will drive back to Pigna and evaluate our paintings.

August 24th:

•      Education from  9:00am– 12:00am

•      Siesta from      12:00am –  3:30pm.

•      Education from  3:30am –  6:30pm, incl. a review of the day’s work.


August 25th:

•      Education from 9:00am –12:00am

•      Siesta from     12:00am –  3:30pm

•      Exhibition from 5:00am –  7:00pm

•      7:00pm cleaning the atelier after the exhibition

•      8:00pm we have a closing dinner at the Restaurant Terme 

August 26th:

Leaving Pigna to Nice Airport at 10.30am

We meet at the fountain Piazza Santa Croce by the parking place at the top of Pigna.



Colours:  acrylic, watercolours or pastel

Pencil or charcoal                   


Strong  paper for acrylic, which suits for your suitcase. For example Fabio Pittura akrylic paper 400 gr.

Drawing paper for drawings and sketches




A bottle for water for cleaning your brushes                                             

Foldabel easel, if you like to stand up while painting (but its is not absoluteley necessary)

Backpack with chair like on the photo:

We lend you painting plates 75 x 60 cm, you can tape your paper on it.


                                                                                                                                          Photo: Külli and Annette


We are two positive and outgoing people with a good sense of humor, and we will do anything  to fill up the course with fun, good humor and laughter combined with high professionalism.

Külli is educated at the Art Academy at Tartu University in Estonia. She has a lot of experience with teaching, for instance at Aarhus Art Academy. She is an acknowledged artist at home and abroad alike. She is attached to several galleries - among others Gallery NB in Viborg and Galleri Udengaard in Århus. 

Küllis homepage:                                                                                                                              

She speaks Danish, English and Estonian.

Annette is the course organizer, Küllis assistent during the course. She is autodidact painter with a lot of courses, among others an examination in art. She has been student by Külli for many years. She speaks Danish, English some German and Swedish a little Italian and French. She is educated as diet cook and clinical dietitian and she began to paint after a car crash.

Addititional information:

You can see pictures from the last years courses on FB:

”Painting Course in Pigna, Italy  and on our homepage: